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Invite art into your life
& let Anna be your guide

There are a number of ways how you can integrate art into your life. Getting personally acquainted with an artist may seem unreal, but is rather attainable in fact. Start with following your favourite contemporary artists like Anna on social media. Keep an eye on their events, sales, charity dinners.

Anna is a socialite who loves mixing with people of all ages and walks of life. She also speaks very good  English. Together with her ceramics teacher, she often throws garage sales in Babintsy, which is an amazing weekend outside of Kyiv, great for families and artsy crowds alike. If you have a social event with an artistic crowd, consider inviting Anna for a master class.

Ways to integrate art in your life

If you are looking to saturate your life with creative vibe, bright colours and memorable emotions – this is how Anna Didenko can help you

Join social media

follow anna's social media channels

Becoming part of the journey of an artist is way easier than it has even been. Imagine having Pablo Picasso as a Facebook friend? Watching lives of Kateryna Bilokur’s masterpiece creation? Joining a discussion on Malevich’s Black square piece on social media right after its creation?

Social media allows amazingly enriching exposure to artists’ lives now.

Buy art

Anna's paintings, ceramics & more

If you liked one of Anna Didenko’s works, contact us to discuss details.

There are about 40+ works available for purchase now, so there is ample choice for any taste and budget.

Paintings, portraits, landscapes, sketches, ceramics are available on site and in the Mrii Marii gallery.

Invite to events

Charitable dinners, gala events and art fairs

If you are organising a fest or a gala dinner for charity, it’s always a headache to keep your guests entertained in a manner, that’s fun in the moment and lingers in memory for life.

Having a contemporary Ukrainian artist like Anna Didenko draw one  of her signature faceless ladies in floral crown right there, while mixing with your guests, will sure be the highlight of your celebration.

Take a class

Master class in drawing for adults & children

Some argue, that drawing is a talent, others believe it’s an acquired skill.

If you have experience or not, if you are adult or a teenager, a class of pupils or a wanna be artist – a class of drawing from Anna Didenko will help connect with art.

Whatever the outcome, the time spent with an artist is always rewarding.

Need some artistic inspo in your life?